The Lawrence County Solid Waste District was created to preserve and enhance our environment, natural resources, and public health and safety through proper solid waste management


Our office is located at the Recycling Center, 3326 Mitchell Road in Bedford. Look for the white sign on a red gate!
We encourage reuse, reduction, and recycling of solid waste in Lawrence County by providing residents with a variety of resources and programs, including:
  • Recycling Center
  • 9 Collection Stations
  • Transfer Station
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection
  • Paint Swap Program
  • Used Cooking Oil Collection Program
  • Compost Facility
  • Refrigerant Facility


Learn more about our Used Cooking Oil Collection Program HERE!


Click here to find out where garbage goes once you throw it away!



Recycling News:


We would like to recognize the following local businesses, schools, and organizations for supporting community and environmental health through their commitment to recycling:
Bedford Office Supply
Bedford Public Library
Candlelight Inn
Healthy Balance Wellness Center
Mullis Auto Parts
Parker Group
Sallee & Company, Inc.
Standish Farm Supply
Stone Cutters Cafe & Roastery
Bedford North Lawrence High School
Lincoln Elementary School
Stalker Elementary School
Mitchell High School
Mitchell Junior High
Hatfield Elementary
Bedford Goodwill
Bedford Furniture Galleries
Please contact us with any additional businesses or organizations we    may have missed so we can show them our appreciation! If you are a local business that does not yet recycle but would like to start up a recycling program at your office, we would be glad to work with you to get it set up!





2014 4-H Fair


2014 Fair Recycling Effort with the Lawrence County 4-H


During the 2014 Lawrence County 4-H Fair, the 4-H Jr. Leaders and Solid Waste District collected the following:



207 gallons of used cooking oil

4 lbs. of aluminum

1540 lbs. of cardboard

160 lbs. of plastic bottles



            The Lawrence County Solid Waste Management District will donate the proceeds from the recycled materials to the 4-H in the amount of:




            This is the value of the aluminum, cardboard, and plastic bottles collected at the 4-H County Fair this year. The used cooking oil will be converted to biofuel provided by Mahoney Environmental.


            THANK You to everyone who helped raise money for 4-H by recycling at the fair. A big shout out to graduating senior Graham Ormiston.




Plastic from Fair 001