Recycling Center

Acceptable Recyclable Materials





Aluminum Cans

Beverage Cans, Aluminum Foil, Pie Pans, Etc.

Aluminum Chairs, Siding, Etc.


Flattened Cardboard, Boxboard (Cereal, Shoe, Detergent Boxes, Ect.), Dog/Cat Feed Bags, Paper Grocery Bags, Etc.

Please remove styrofoam and liners


Clear and Brown Food and Beverage

Lids, Window Glass, Ceramics, Light Bulbs, Cookware


Magazines, Junk Mail, Office Paper, Telephone Books, Soft Cover Books.

Hard Cover Books: You may separate the covers and recycle them as cardboard, and recycle the pages as paper.

Wet Magazines

Medical Waste

Information Below


Metal Appliances

Information Below


Metal Cans

Food Cans (Labels may be left on)

Clothes Hangers, Skillets, Utensils, Pans, Paint Cans, Etc.


Dry Newspaper

Wet Newspaper

Packing Peanuts

Information Below



#1 and #2 Jugs and Bottles

Lids, Oil Jugs, Antifreeze Jugs, Party Trays, Clear Plastic Coverings or Wrappings, Plastic Utensils, Shopping Bags




Goodwill: All eleven Goodwill BridgePointe stores in southern Indiana are now accepting technological items for recycling. It's FREE! You can now recycle your used computers, computer equipment, cell phones, printers, scanners, cords, USB drives, fax machines and more simply by dropping the item off at the nearest participating Goodwill! For more information, including participating Goodwill BridgePointe stores, visit today!

Bedford Recycling: They can be contacted by calling (812) 275-6883 and are located at 904 Summit & H Street. They accept salvaged metals such as aluminum, steel, copper, VCRs, Computer Processing Units (CPUs), laptop computers, stereos, printers, microwaves, fans, radios, telephones, curling irons, hair dryers, power tools, speakers, calculators, keyboards, toasters, coffee makers, and other counter-top appliances. There is a fee to recycle these items with Bedford Recycling.

Medical Waste Recycling:
 We are currently researching the best options for medical waste recycling and disposal.  If you know of any local options please feel free to contact us by writing a short message from our Contact Us page.

Metal Appliance Recycling:

Contact Bedford Recycling at (812) 275-6883. Most salvaged metals and electronics are accepted.

For additional information on recycling appliances and electronics, we found's Appliance and Electronics Recycling guide to be very useful!

Packing Peanut Recycling:

Contact your local UPS Store or Mail Boxes Etc. The material must be cleaned and free of debris.