HHW Facility

Paint Exchange Program

Do you have leftover paint that you don’t want?  Could someone else use it? Or maybe you need paint for a project of your own!  Try the Solid Waste District’s Paint Exchange!

If latex or oil-based paint is in good condition, we will accept it and place it into our Paint Swap program. The Paint Swap Program provides residents with free paint that is in good condition.

If you would like to participate in our Paint Swap Program, stop by the Household Hazardous Waste facility at the Recycling Center…Simply ask the HHW Facility attendant if you can look at the paints that are available!

Safe Alternatives to Discarding Paint:

Water-based paints are paints that can be cleaned up with soap and water. These types of paint are considered a non-hazardous liquid that will solidify when the lids are removed and the paint is allowed to dry out. Once dry, the paint can be disposed of in the regular trash.

A quicker alternative for small quantities is to add kitty litter to the can and leave it open until completely dry. For larger quantities, use several sturdy plastic trash bags to line a box and alternate between paint layers and kitty litter layers. Then let it stand until it is dry.

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