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Recycling Numbers

In 2018, the Lawrence County Solid Waste Management District collected many recyclables from residents and businesses. In most cases these materials are sold at a market value, and the revenue generated is used to fund future recycling efforts in our county!


Here are the 2018 Totals:

Material Tons
Aluminum Cans 5.38
Scrap Metal 45.90
Steel Cans 8.03
Paper 192.93
Glass 70.35
Tires 129.36
Plastic 58.80
Cardboard 375.39



Keep on recycling, so we can keep these valuable materials out of the landfill!


*Why do we pay for glass to be recycled? LCSWMD actually saves money by recycling glass instead of taking it to the landfill: it costs $7.11/ton to recycle glass with our purchaser Strategic Materials, but over $30/ton to discard it in the Medora Landfill.

The money we spend on glass recycling covers the cost of sorting and crushing the glass at the Strategic Materials plant. A good way to help keep down the cost of glass recycling is to reduce contaminants like trash… make sure you only recycle glass bottles and jars!


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