We accept used BATTERIES at the Household Hazardous Waste door at the


We accept all types of batteries including:

Household Batteries (AAA, AA, etc.)

Automotive Batteries

Outdoor Equipment Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries

Button Batteries

Why Recycle used Batteries?

  • Batteries contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals, like lead and mercury, that can end up polluting the ground and water when thrown away in landfills
  • If batteries are incinerated these toxic materials cause air pollution which is very harmful to humans
  • Mining for new metals is very costly and damaging to the environment – Recycling batteries saves energy and prevents further harm to the environment

The metals in batteries can be recycled over and over.


Watch this video about car battery recycling!

Lawrence Co. Solid Waste District
Main Office & Recycling Center

3326 Mitchell Road
Bedford, IN 47421