Collection Stations


Why don’t all of the collection stations have the same hours?
A collection station’s hours are determined by its location and the number of people utilizing the facility. Hours differ from station to station because the demands of the areas are not consistent.

Can I throw trash in while the ram is packing garbage?
Yes. You may pile your garbage on top of the ram as it is packing. When it slides back everything will fall down into the bin.

Is it acceptable to bring waste from outside of Lawrence County to the collection stations?
No. The Lawrence County Solid Waste Management District has established collection stations for residents only.

Why am I limited on the amount of waste that I can bring to the collection station?
Due to limited space, we ask that large loads are taken to the transfer station. Collection stations are designed specifically for household waste and do not have the capacity for larger loads.

Do the collection stations accept waste that is not contained in trash bags?
While bagged waste is preferred, please see an attendant if you need to dump trash that is not bagged.

Can I take items from the collection station if I see something lying around that I would like?
Please note that scavenging is prohibited. However, with permission from the collection station attendant we do allow citizens to take usable large items that have been disposed of by others.

Will the collection station attendant unload my trash for me?
While the staff may choose to help residents who request assistance or are physically unable to unload trash (under 25 lbs) safely, the staff is not responsible for unloading waste material and does so at their own discretion.

Do the collection stations accept burn barrel ashes?
The Lawrence County Solid Waste Management District reminds citizens that burning household waste in barrels is illegal. Therefore, we do not accept burn barrel ashes and discourage burning household waste in barrels.

Why is the collection station gate closed during open hours sometimes?
The collection stations only have the capacity to handle a certain amount of waste. Therefore, bins are constantly being removed and replaced throughout the day in order to maximize the amount of waste collection stations can receive. If the gates are closed during open hours we are in the process of switching out bins. This process usually only takes ten to fifteen minutes.

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