Where to Recycle:


We accept glass bottles and food jars. We do not accept glass items like drinking glasses, pyrex,mirrors, light bulbs, ceramics, windows, and broken glass.

You can recycle your GLASS at our RECYCLING CENTER.

The glass you recycle is crushed into “cullet”. When cullet is melted in a furnace, it requires much less energy than the melting of raw materials to make glass!

Why do we pay for glass to be recycled? LCSWMD actually saves money by recycling glass instead of taking it to the landfill: it costs $7.11/ton to recycle glass with our purchaser Strategic Materials, but over $30/ton to discard it in the Medora Landfill.

The money we spend on glass recycling covers the cost of sorting and crushing the glass at the Strategic Materials plant. A good way to help keep down the cost of glass recycling is to reduce contaminants… make sure you only recycle glass bottles and jars!

Lawrence County Solid Waste

3326 Mitchell Road

Bedford In 47421