HHW Facility

Hazardous Waste

You can dispose of Household Hazardous Waste at the Recycling Center.

The HHW Facility moved to the Recycling Center Located at 3326 Mitchell Road. Below you will find a list of materials that are accepted and not accepted at our facility.

Most household hazardous waste is not recycled. It is collected from our facility by Heritage Environmental Services. This company ensures that the waste is controlled in a safe way to prevent environmental contamination.


Acceptable HHW Materials:

The Household Hazardous Waste Management program provides Lawrence County residents with an environmentally safe and convenient way to dispose of unwanted household hazardous products.  The wastes will be separated, packaged, and shipped off site for appropriate management through recycling, treatment, and disposal processes.

Household hazardous waste is accepted from residents only.

The following list contains the materials that the Lawrence County HHW Facility will accept:

    • Acids
    • Aerosols
    • Antifreeze
      • Must be clean, as drained from the vehicle
      • No rinse water or oil
    • Ballasts
    • Batteries: includes automobile, boat, alkaline, nickel-cadmium, button, and lithium
      • Store in vented non-metal container
      • Place rechargeable batteries in individual plastic bags
      • Place damaged batteries in individual plastic bags
    • Driveway Sealer
    • Household Cleaners
    • Mercury Containing Devices: includes thermometers with “silver bulbs,” non-electric thermostats, fluorescent bulbs, mercury switches, sump pumps, clothes washers, electric space heaters, ovens, clothes dryers, water heaters, furnaces, etc.
    • Oil (includes motor, hydraulic, and gear oil)
      • Must be clean, as drained from the vehicle
      • 5 gallon maximum per visit
      • Must be in a non-leak container
    • Oil Filters
    • Oil Based Paints (Please Note: Latex Paint is not accepted. Refer to Latex Paint Disposal).
    • Pesticides: includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, mothballs and flakes, and rodenticides
    • Pool Chemicals
    • Solvents
    • Stains

Unacceptable HHW materials:

Although these items may be considered household hazardous waste they are not accepted at the Lawrence County Solid Waste District’s HHW Facility for safety purposes.

The Lawrence County Solid Waste District HHW Facility does not accept household hazardous waste from commercial entities. For information about commercial HHW removal refer to the HHW Removal Contacts page.

The following list contains materials that the Lawrence County HHW Facility will not accept:

      • Ammunition
      • Asbestos: No products with any percentage of asbestos, acceptability at the discretion of the attendant on duty
      • Biological waste
      • Explosives
      • Firearms
      • Fireworks
      • Hospital Waste
      • Infectious Waste
      • Latex Paint (Refer to Latex Paint Disposal)
      • Prescription Drugs
      • Propane tanks/Compressed Gas Cylinders
      • Radioactive Materials
      • Sharps (includes needles, syringes, lancets, etc.)
      • Smoke Detectors

Information about the disposal of these unacceptable items can be found on the HHW Removal Contacts page within our site.

Lawrence County Solid Waste

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