Transfer Station

Transfer Station Fees


These rates apply to solid waste generated from the operation of a residential dwelling within Lawrence County (includes all houses, apartments with four or less living units, single family dwellings, and multifamily dwellings with four or less living units).

Category: Rates:
Municipal Solid Waste No Charge
Construction/Demolition Debris $42.00 per ton ($8.00 minimum charge)
Tires See Rates Below


Rates apply to solid waste generated by commercial entities (includes private businesses, commercial businesses, retail outlets, mobile home parks, apartments, offices, restaurants, warehouses, waste haulers, contractors, federal and state government departments, not-for-profit organizations, schools, park departments, water and sewer departments, etc.).

Category: Rates:
Minimum Charge $8.00
Commercial Solid Waste $36.50 per ton
Municipal Solid Waste $36.50 per ton
Construction/Demolition Debris $42.00 per ton
Tires See Rates Below



Tire Size: Rates:
Passenger Tire (size 12 to 15) $1.50 per tire or $2.50 per tire with rim
Light Truck Tire (size 15 to 16.5) $2.00 per tire or $3.00 per tire with rim
Semi-Tractor/Trailer Tire $7.00 per tire or $13.00 per tire with rim
Tractor Tire $20.00 per tire

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