Recycling Center


How do I get a red Curbside Recycling container?

The city of Bedford is in charge of the Curbside Recycling program and can be contacted at (812) 279-9222.  They will explain how to get a red tub and what materials are accepted.  Recyclables are picked up every other week on the same day as your regular trash pickup.  Between pickups feel free to visit our Recycling Center at 3326 Mitchell Road.

Why are only #1 and #2 plastics accepted?

The recycling center only accepts materials that have a stable market.  This ensures that the materials accepted will be recycled into new products.  Although most #3 to #7 plastics are recyclable, the plastics industry for these products is still in the early stages so these plastics cannot be recycled in most areas.

Why are only plastic bottles recycled?

Only bottles are recycled because of their distinctly different manufacturing process.  Bottles are manufactured differently than plastic tubs for butter, yogurt, etc.  Bottles are blown into shape while tubs are molded into shape.  Although they are made from the same type of plastic, the manufacturing processes give the products unique properties.  Because of their different properties, the items cannot be recycled together.

Why doesn’t the Recycling Center pay for aluminum cans?

Revenue that the recycling center receives from the sale of aluminum cans is used to offset the cost of processing other recyclables.  These items include plastic, cardboard, magazines, and glass.  Recycling centers that pay for aluminum cans usually do not accept recyclables that cost money to process.

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